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Hi, I'm Ch'aska!


I'm a creative writing and public communications student living and writing on unceded Gadigal land. My work has been published in UTS Vertigo, Babyteeth Arts Journal and Spineless Wonders' Slinkies Shorts, amongst others. To see a full list of my publications, check out the 'Read' heading.

My interests lie in exploring aspects of human experience and interaction through writing, whether that be fiction, non-fiction or a splicing of the two. I also have a keen interest in the literary world at large, including the ins and outs of publishing, editing and producing literature.

Writing was always something that I was going to do one day, but in 2019, I dropped out of my Neuroscience degree to pursue it full time, living wage be damned.

All images are my own and are of people that I love.

I hope you find something here that you enjoy.

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